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The Full Story

About Us

Logan County Youth and Family Services, Inc. was founded in 1977 as the dream of a group of citizens concerned with the future of youth in the community. The primary agency function at that time was to provide shelter services and counseling for youth. In November of 2008, the agency was renamed Logan Community Services, Inc. to better reflect the array of services offered.

Our Mission

We are a group of dedicated professionals on a mission to empower the people of Logan County through advocacy, education, treatment and resource development provided in an accessible, safe, caring and stable environment.


Sheltering. Nurturing. Guiding.

These three words summarize the vision of Logan Community Services: A community in which the displaced youth of Logan County and Oklahoma have a place to call home, a safe environment is available for all individuals to become the best version of themselves, and people have a passion to provide direction to youth and families who have found themselves on the wrong path.

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